A Useful Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

Author: Chris Carling
ISBN: 978-1-906460-09-9


The aim of this Useful Guide is to help you recognise the role that anxiety plays in your life, and help you to take practical steps to reduce its impact.

It is suitable for you if you sometimes feel very anxious and are not always sure of the cause and what you might be able to do to reduce it.

Anxiety can have an impact on a person's health at work, and is a topic which is gaining more recognition, as made evident by the introduction of new health and safety training courses such as the NEBOSH Health and Wellbeing Certificate.

What the Useful Guide includes:

  • some essential clarity on the differences between worry and anxiety
  • 10 ways to calm down
  • tips for beating the different types of anxiety
  • links to additional resources (e.g. coaching, yoga and the Enneagram) to help you reinforce what you have learnt in the Useful Guide.

  • Upon completion you will be able to:

  • understand many of the sources of your anxiety
  • recognise the key beliefs and assumptions that underlie your anxiety
  • practice techniques you have learned within the useful guide to deal with your anxiety whenever it arises.

  • Feedback

  • 5/5 - 'Interesting and seemed to be talking about me.'
  • 4/5 - 'It related to inner thoughts and provided practical ways of dealing with issues.'

  • About the Author

    Chris Carling, author of A Useful Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and A Useful Guide to Work Life Balance is a communications expert, coach, mediator and former Director of Communications of the International Coach Federation (UK).

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