A Useful Guide to Managing Email

Author: Alan Sarsby
ISBN: 978-1-906460-41-9


This Useful Guide takes you through the key principles of good e-mail management with some practical steps and tips for you to get back in control!

What the Useful Guide includes:

  • Understanding the language of emails
  • Appreciating the need for professional etiquette
  • The importance of purpose and first impressions
  • Principles for concise emails and things you definitely need to avoid
  • Hints and tips regarding filing and organising e-mails
  • How to build and develop your e-management style
  • How to be a good cyber citizen

  • Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Manage your e-mails better and feel in control
  • Send emails that are a delight to receive
  • Use your e-mail messaging more effectively to get your message across
  • Develop your own style to improve the impact of your emails
  • Understand when a phone call can be more effective than a mail message

  • About the Author

    Alan Sarsby specialises in designing and delivering training for personal and business effectiveness, and consultancy in business communications.

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    A Useful Guide to Managing Email

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