A Useful Guide to Managing Conduct

Author: Janice Lawrence
ISBN: 978-1-906460-35-8


This Useful Guide takes you through why it is important to manage conduct for the organisation, manager and employee.

It provides advice and tips for dealing with conduct issues based on the extensive experience of the author Janice Lawrence.

What the Useful Guide includes:

  • A flowchart of the conduct management process
  • The different types of misconduct
  • How each type should be dealt with
  • The essential preparation needed for discussions on conduct
  • An overview of typical formal procedures including the different stages and outcomes
  • The importance of good record keeping in managing conduct
  • A summary of the key legal requirements

  • Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Manage conduct in a structured and professional way
  • Understand the different approaches needed for different types of misconduct
  • Understand the differences between informal and formal procedures
  • Use your management skills in the areas of listening and providing constructive feedback with more confidence based on advice in the Useful Guide

  • About the Author

    Janice Lawrence has been working as a freelance HR Consultant since 2003. She delivers practical solutions which meet the client's specific needs and support the organisation's strategy and culture.

    She is also the author of...

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