A Useful Guide to Being Resilient

Author: Stephanie Philp
ISBN: 978-1-909025-16-5


This is an extensive and extremely practical guide to identifying and developing resilience; a desirable trait that is in high demand in today's world. Each aspect of your life has an impact on the others so this Guide takes a wide and holistic view of resilience, examining the work, emotional, familial, physical and social systems that make up your life.

You'll learn what resilience is, why it's important and how you can develop it in yourself and in your relationships. It contains well-proven tools and techniques as well as exercises to build and strengthen resilience. The guide also draws on research to identify what contributes to a person being resilient, and what reduces resilience.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Identify where you're already resilient
  • Establish where you could develop more resilience
  • Develop a resilient mind and body
  • Build resilient relationships
  • Increase your emotional resilience

  • What the Useful Guide includes:

    The Guide is divided into various aspects or contexts of resilience. These form the main parts of the guide:

  • Introduction; what is resilience and why is it important?
  • The traits of resilient individuals - a checklist
  • Building a Resilient Mind and Body
  • Building Resilient Relationships
  • Building Emotional Resilience
  • Exercises
  • Appendices

  • About the Author

    Stephanie Philp is the Director and Head Consultant at MetaMorphosis Ltd. She is a writer, Master Coach and Mentor. As an internationally recognised NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Trainer and in her private coaching practice Stephanie is focused on leading and supporting people to develop more resilience.

    Stephanie has had her own private practice since 1994 and is based in beautiful Raglan on the wild, west coast of New Zealand's North Island, from where she consults worldwide.

    She is the also the author of:

  • A Useful Guide to Personal Development
  • A Useful Guide to Being Influential
  • A Useful Guide to Presentations that Rock!

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    Our sister company the Business Coaching Foundation provides business coaching courses including ILM accredited coaching qualifications such as the Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring, as well as executive coaching and mentoring sessions.

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