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first line manager

2 day programme
£395.00 + VAT
*Including lunch and refreshments

As soon as you step into a managerial role you take on the responsibility of motivating and supporting your team and bringing the best out of each member. Overall team dynamics can be reflective of their manager and so it is vital for an organisation to make sure that their management have the essential skills to optimise their teams’ performance.

Additional Reading Resources - Useful Guide eBooks

A Useful Guide to Managing People
A Useful Guide to Managing Teams

This course is ideal for anyone in, or looking to get into a managerial role, who hasn’t received any formal training. It is ideal for supervisors, team leaders, or anyone looking to progress into a more senior position.

For you as an individual

This course will give you the confidence and ability to make the transition from a team member to team leader or manager. If you are already a manager it will build upon your existing skills to achieve more from yourself and your team.

For an employer

It is important to ensure that everyone within your organisation, with any managerial responsibilities has been given the tools and techniques to do their job effectively. This course will provide your staff with actionable tools, techniques and feedback to apply back into the workplace.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the role and responsibilities of a manager in today's business environment
  • Communicate effectively using a range of methods and skills
  • Develop a strategy in order to make effective use of their time
  • Delegate effectively
  • Use differing management styles appropriate to the individual and situation
  • Recognise the actions needed to create, develop and maintain an effective team

Module One - Role Assessment and Personal Development Planning

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities
  • Outline framework of management
  • Taking the step into management
  • Identifying personal development needs and planning

Module Two - Effective Communication Skills

  • Communicating to be effective - how and what to communicate
  • Designing effective questioning techniques and listening actively
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Dealing with, and responding to, differing communication styles

Module Three - Managing Yourself

  • Use of planning tools and techniques
  • Dealing with time stealers and interruptions
  • Learn how to delegate effectively

Module Four - Managing your Team

  • Understanding different management styles and how to use them
  • Recognising performance management
  • Setting expectations and clearly defining roles and responsibilities
  • Pinpointing performance
  • Motivating your team and individuals
  • Learning the management actions required to maintain team effectiveness
  • Team dynamics
  • Looking at individual behaviour within teams
Date Location Price Book Online Invoice
6th - 7th November 2014 Nottingham £395 + VAT
25th - 26th November 2014 Dartford £395 + VAT
22nd - 23rd January 2015 Manchester £395 + VAT
9th - 10th February 2015 Reading £395 + VAT
9th - 10th March 2015 Dartford £395 + VAT
16th - 17th April 2015 Nottingham £395 + VAT
29th - 30th June 2015 Birmingham £395 + VAT
6th - 7th July 2015 Bristol £395 + VAT
10th - 11th September 2015 Dartford £395 + VAT
1st - 2nd October 2015 Nottingham £795 + VAT
30th November - 1st December 2015 Reading £395 + VAT

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