ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring


If you want to stay competitive in today's rapidly changing business climate, then business coaching is "the" skill to have. People development through business coaching is fast, efficient and cost effective and will get you measurable results. Not only are our consultants experienced coaches, but they also have real business experience which they use to benefit the group. With a business relevant, tried and tested approach, we encourage participants to bring live business issues and case histories to discuss.

Course Overview

We are excited to provide you with great content mixed with classroom and self-directed learning.

This 2-day ILM accredited training program content is combined with post-course blended learning to be completed in your own time; all with tutor support should you need it.

Our 2-day, classroom tutor led program becomes your foundation piece, complimented by specialist content Book and Ted Talk reviews. These reviews are for you to complete post-course, which offers you your additional guided learning hours for BLF and ILM accreditation.

Who is it for?

This programme has been designed for all tiers of management; from director to first line management. Alternatively, this course is ideal for anyone involved in people development (HR and learning and development) or anyone wanting to become a freelance business coach.


For you as an individual

Not only will you gain the skills and confidence to perform effectively as a coach or mentor, but you will receive an internationally recognised accreditation. For those looking for the accreditation to work as a freelance coach, ILM is well recognised and a highly regarded accreditation.

For an employer

This qualification will illustrate a commitment to your employee's long term development but it will also provide your managers with a skill they can use to develop their own staff or other employees throughout your organisation.

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the ethical values and beliefs which make up an effective management coach and mentor
  • Understand when it is appropriate to coach or mentor an individual or a combination of the two
  • Demonstrate how to obtain commitment from your coachee to take their action plan forward
  • Recognise the perceptions of coaching and mentoring and how to overcome any potential barriers
  • Create a bank of advanced coaching questions to include Probing, Tag, DMI and Presuppositions
  • Evaluate your own performance

  • Course Syllabus:

    Module One - Introduction

  • Explore the myths
  • What is coaching and mentoring?
  • What is business coaching?
  • Thoughts and perceptions
  • 7 competencies of a coach
  • Definitions- Mentoring/ Consulting/ Coaching/ Therapy/ Counseling

  • Module Two - Models and Practice

  • The Wheel of Life
  • Johari's Window
  • KASH- Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits of an effective coach
  • STAR/ GROW model
  • Effective use of Paradigm cards
  • Practice and feedback

  • Module Three - Building the Relationship

  • Self-management
  • How motivation works
  • Personality & behavioural traits
  • Rapport and trust

  • Module Four - Communication and Practice

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Effective communication
  • Questioning through 2nd/3rd/4th level questioning
  • Building a bank of coaching questions
  • Practice and feedback

  • Module Five - Structure

  • Introduction
  • The coaching cycle
  • How to give feedback
  • The COMET model
  • Executive coaching
  • Psychometrics
  • Closing the coaching session

  • Module Six - Well-Formed Outcomes

  • Challenge and focus steps
  • Coaching goals
  • Establishing the gap analysis
  • Using diagnostic tools
  • SMART objectives
  • Designing & planning focus steps
  • Gaining commitment
  • Practice and feedback

  • Pre-Course Activity

    We ask you to come prepared with issues which you are currently experiencing that you would be happy to discuss and be coached on. We also send out a short document containing questions and exercises which will help our coaches understand you better and work with you in order to receive the best training.

    Post-Course Activity

    To achieve this ILM qualification, participants will have to complete the following post-course activities:

    3 x work-based assignments need to be completed within 1 year from attendance and registration. Embedded in the assignments, the Certificate will require delegates to complete 12 hours of coaching or mentoring activity with one or more clients.

    Tutor guided learning will take on the format of book and video reviews with ongoing tutor guidance and support via phone, Skype or face-to-face.

    Optional: Self-initiated 2 x 45 min executive coaching sessions per delegate to offer a coaching best practice view.

    Scheduled Courses:

    All prices below include lunch, refreshments and course materials.

    20-21 June 2017
    Location: Manchester
    Price: £1,650.00 + vat
    Availability: No

    04-05 July 2017
    Location: Nottingham
    Price: £1,650.00 + vat
    Availability: Yes
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    08-09 August 2017
    Location: Reading
    Price: £1,650.00 + vat
    Availability: Yes
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    05-06 September 2017
    Location: Manchester
    Price: £1,650.00 + vat
    Availability: Yes
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    03-04 October 2017
    Location: Central London
    Price: £1,650.00 + vat
    Availability: Yes
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    04-05 October 2017
    Location: Nottingham
    Price: £1,650.00 + vat
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    05-06 December 2017
    Location: Reading
    Price: £1,650.00 + vat
    Availability: Yes
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