BLF Award - Influencing for Leadership and Management

A manager positively influencing their team

We often find ourselves working in fast-paced matrix environments, working in/with virtual teams or simply trying to get something done by someone in another part of the business. This common aspect of our working lives has a common challenge: how to influence other people to help us or do something for us, when they don't report to us. Pulling rank or strong nudging might work once, but we need to build a supportive and collaborative relationship over the long term.

Fortunately, there are really effective tips for influencing, and our program offers an influencing model in detail. Through activity and discussion we explore how you can apply these principles and use it when you need help from other people.

Even when we are not in a leadership position it can sometimes be extremely difficult to get people's help, especially when we have no authority over them. This is where an approach and an influencing model can help us identify what we and other people value in a given influencing situation. We can then explore that information so that everyone can view and pursue a common purpose.

This course will enhance and promote the skill set necessary for any leader or manager, allowing our in-depth influencing knowledge to be applied into your working environment. From an employer's perspective this award can be a significant long-term return on investment by developing your leaders and managers.

Our learning experiences are successful because the outcomes are quickly embedded and demonstrate an immediate visible impact on the day-to-day working environment. Our engaging learning inspires employees to want to personally add value to the companies they work for.

We also offer our Paradigm Trait-Map™ online assessment and report as a frame of reference for your own influencing styles and that of others. This assessment should be completed before attending the program, and will be expanded upon during the program delivery.

Course Content

The Business Learning Foundation Award in Influencing for Leadership and Management course covers the following:

  • Two key influencing models that you can apply back in your daily work
  • Different types of influencing
  • How to create the right environment for influencing
  • Barriers you may face and how to overcome these barriers

  • Accreditation Activity

    Our accredited tutors deliver training that encourages delegates to confidently and practically apply all they have learnt as soon as they get back into the business. To achieve this Business Learning Foundation award, delegates need to prepare and deliver a 3 minute presentation* on the highlights of their learning and immediate application avenues when back in their working environment.

    *Participants will be given 30 minutes during the program to prepare for their 3 min presentation at the end of the program.

    Scheduled Courses:

    Unfortunately this course is not currently scheduled as an open course and is currently only available as an in-house training programme.

    If you have a number of delegates requiring this course, please contact us as we may be able to schedule one for you or run it in-house.